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New Home Muslim Gift Ideas

New Home Muslim Gift Ideas

Shafquat Arefeen


Rida and Ibrahim just got their first place! They've invited you over to help celebrate their first steps into adulthood. You remember as a kid your parents would always go to Benix or Kitchen Stuff Plus to buy cookware for their dawats (social gatherings).

Those gifts are probably still in a closet or under someone's bed gathering dust because you can only have so much cookware. Now it's your turn. With only a few days left to the house warming, what are you going to get Rida and Ibrahim that is unique and useful?

My wife and I loved giving modern artwork as gifts to our friends. It really helps them decorate as they probably put a lot of money into buying core furniture. The thing that we noticed was the art pieces were usually custom made and cost a lot of money for tiny pieces. That's why we decided on creating Ayah Collective as a place where people can get affordable unique modern art pieces delivered for free right to their door.

Ayah keeps a variety of stock at limited quantities to help you get a unique piece that's perfect for a house warming gift. We've partnered with iModernArt and offer select pieces from their ever expanding catalog. So whether it's for a gift or you just want to spruce up your own place, why not try some affordable Islamic artwork that fits your lifestyle?

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